Russian Metrology celebrates the 175th anniversary of the Foundation of the depot of weights and measures

© Photo : NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterОблака. Archive photoRussian Metrology celebrates the 175th anniversary of the Foundation of the depot of weights and measures© Photo : NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Russian Metrology said Friday its 175th anniversary, on this day in 1842 in St. Petersburg was established a depot of exemplary measures and weights, according to the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart).

«In 1892 a depot was headed, and for 18 years led the great Russian scientist and public figure Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev. When it was upgraded to the main chamber of weights and measures. Mendeleev laid the principles still underlie the system of maintenance of measurements unity of Russia», – told the Agency.

Now the successor of the depot is the all-Russian scientific research Institute of Metrology named after Mendeleev — one of the seven state research Metrology institutes of Rosstandart. «Modern physical chemistry is an important element of the system of ensuring the uniformity of measurements: the Institute ensures the development, maintenance and improvement 54 of 164 state primary standards that exist in Russia. In the Institute are the state primary standards of four of the seven basic quantities of the international system of units SI – meter, kilogram, ampere and Kelvin,» – said the Agency.

The Institute provides 70% of confirmed at the international level, the measurement capabilities of Russia, on the basis of 50 laboratories and test centres, the Institute is constantly improving the reference database. The Institute participates in the international programme on the redefinition of base units of the SI system.

As told by Rosstandart, in the framework of the celebration in St. Petersburg hosted the international scientific-technical conference «175 years VNIIM Mendeleyev and the national system of ensuring the uniformity of measurements». It was attended by more than 500 metrologists, famous scientists, experts in the field of technical regulation, heads of universities and research organizations from Russia, Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and China.

«Within two days presented over 150 papers on different topics: to redefine the base units in the SI system, innovative technology, Metrology in medicine, ecology, power, the creation of advanced scientific groundwork for the development of the digital economy, the development and implementation of the state strategy for ensuring the uniformity of measurements of the Russian Federation until 2025», – said in Rosstandart.