Scientist: in U.S. schools today are not taught to distinguish truth from nonsense

© AP Photo / Carolyn KasterАмериканский physicist Lawrence KraussScientist: in U.S. schools today are not taught to distinguish truth from nonsense© AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

Modern schools must teach children not to memorize facts, instead of their own to distinguish truth from misinformation and nonsense, said the famous cosmologist Lawrence Krauss, speaking at a press conference at Kaspersky lab, dedicated to the opening of the festival Geek Picnic Kaspersky.

«Today in the world there was a new problem – a huge amount of information, among which is as true and as we say in America, «alternative facts.» A large number of these «facts» allows some people to live in the world of alternative reality, which to them seems as real as the real world,» — said the scientist.

As noted by Krauss, in the last 20 years information world-view has changed – today nearly everyone has a mobile phone with Internet access and can receive, and also to produce as true and false information. According to him, most people are just not geared to process such amount of information, and therefore campaign for political or unscientific misinformation are now working so efficiently. An example of this, in his opinion, was the campaign for the election of the President of the United States last year.

«That is why today the main task of education is to teach people not facts, but how to distinguish truth from nonsense. In the United States today, such education is not – we teach science as a set of certain facts and truths, and not imagine it as a process that allows to obtain such facts and to verify other claims, based on some empirical criteria,» continues the American cosmologist.

The modernization of the education system, according to Krauss, is a top priority in the United States today to speed up economic and scientific development has not decreased.

«That’s what I think we need to instill in the younger generation in order to be able to live a normal life in the 21st century. If we fail to do so, then the future of the world and the very principles of democracy will be under threat,» said the cosmologist.