SK will check the actions of the police in investigating the accident in Balashikha

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in foobarcontroller law enforcement agencies in Moscow. Archival photoSK will check the actions of the police in investigating the accident in Balashikha© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Investigators will check the actions of law enforcement officers at the scene in Balashikha, where he was hit by a six year old boy, including during the investigation of the case, said the official representative of Department Svetlana Petrenko.

As reported earlier, the interior Ministry in Moscow region, April 23, in Sochi, local resident, driving a car, violated traffic rules and was hit by a six year old boy. In result of road accident from the received traumas the child died on the spot. By results of examination it was established that «in the blood of the deceased found the concentration of ethanol, which corresponds to strong intoxication». The evaluation data will be rechecked after the exhumation of the body of the boy.

Petrenko said that the leadership of the GSU across Moscow region has already found the boy’s parents to clarify all their arguments will be reviewed the actions of the experts and the objectivity of their conclusions in establishing the state of intoxication in a child.

«Investigators will check actions of the police both at the scene of the accident, and the investigation of the criminal case initiated on the fact of this», she said.

According to information in the media, the foreign car ran over the boy and dragged him at least 10 meters before the stop, while examination showed the level of alcohol in the blood of the boy 2.7 ppm (the lethal dose of alcohol in the blood for a child of 3-4 ppm). It is noted that the family of the deceased requires re-examination, it is alleged that witnesses were pressured, the case has not been opened for about a month, and part of the evidence in this case was destroyed.