Stone wanted to compose a scene with Putin, but he went on his own way

© Showtime Networks Inc.A poster for the film by American film Director Oliver stone Interview with Putin. Archival photoStone wanted to compose a scene with Putin, but he went on his own way© Showtime Networks Inc.

American film Director Oliver stone wanted to direct the scene of the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the Russian leader has been on his own and instead to portray the first meeting, suggested that the stone coffee.

Four-part film stone «Interview with Putin» showed this week, the American channel Showtime.

«We’ll meet here,» explained stone at the beginning of the fourth episode, standing with Putin at the center of the round hall. «Can there, with the balcony to go down», — said Putin. However, the stone took him into the corridor with the words: «I like there — it adds more depth. No, still away.»

«I represent the matter as if we don’t know each other. As if we haven’t seen,» explained stone.

When the shooting starts, it is clear that stone is trying to call Putin out of the hallway. However, the Russian President comes out and winks at the camera.

«He’s gone to another meeting», — disappointedly tells stone in the hall. At the moment Putin appears with two cups in his hands. «Coffee, sir!» — says Putin.

Documentary stone «Interview with Putin» that the Director was prepared two years, leaves Monday on Showtime channel. Four-part film will be fully shown on 12-15 June. The first channel has previously confirmed that it had acquired the company Showtime the rights to show this film in Russia will be able to see from 19 to 22 June.

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