The culprit of Lexus and Vova played the Governor of Stavropol

© RIA Novosti / Margarita Salelevitra from flood Valentine Sakowska and the Governor of Stavropol Krai Vladimir Vladimirov. 15 June 2017The culprit of Lexus and Vova played the Governor of Stavropol© RIA Novosti / Margarita Savelyev

Russian pranker Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) called the Governor of Stavropol territory Vladimir Vladimirov with a question about the situation in the village of Krasnokumskoye, the inhabitant of which, during the «straight line» the President complained on the nonpayment of compensation.

Earlier Wednesday, the Lexus has published on YouTube the file where, according to them, they talk to Vladimirov. The source of prunerov assured that compensation to the victims paid. He also said that the Federal money to Stavropol territory did not come, and the President was misled. Vladimirov promised to «expel all» who took money from the victim for help.

On Thursday, the resident of the village of Krasnokumskoye Valentine Sakowska during the «straight line» with the President told Vladimir Putin that it did not receive the compensation laid after the flood, and for the preparation of certificates for the recognition of her victim, the authorities and MPs are asked to pay. After that, the media appeared information that the Governor of the Vladimirov wrote a letter of resignation, however, the regional authorities denied it.

The Governor on Thursday evening arrived in Krasnokumskoye, where he answered questions from local residents. He also said that the money was transferred Sakowski to communicate with the head of state, and funds from the Federal budget is still not received.