The Deputy Balbec pointed out the flaws in the government of Sevastopol

© RIA Novosti / Taras to Litvinenkova in fotomonster Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Ruslan Balbec. Archival photoThe Deputy Balbec pointed out the flaws in the government of Sevastopol© RIA Novosti / Taras to Litvinenkova the image Bank

The government of Sevastopol revealed serious shortcomings in the implementation of state ethnic and religious policy in the region, said Deputy head of the Duma Committee on nationalities, Deputy from the party «United Russia» Ruslan Balbec.

According to him, the ethnic Council in the city exists only on paper, and interfaith Council is absent. In addition, no interaction of city government with leaders of religious communities in the city.

«All this is unacceptable and requires urgent and decisive intervention. The work of city officials to establish links with national and religious communities is in fact reduced to zero,» said Balbec.

The MP stressed that it complaints come from different religious and national communities about the lack of interaction with city officials and individual approach to solving issues in the sphere of interethnic relations.

«There are only standard statements and formal replies,» — said Balbec.

According to him, already held a meeting of the state Duma Committee on nationalities, where representatives of the Sevastopol government pointed to the lapses in the work. In addition, it was decided to hold in Sevastopol, a meeting of the Subcommittee of the state Duma, after which consider ways to overcome obstacles that have arisen between the city authorities on the one hand and national and religious communities on the other.

«Our country is so huge and cohesive because all nationalities and faiths securely rely on each other’s shoulders. We cannot allow the at least one shoulder has eased,» said Balbec.