The first Baltic channel will show the film stone «Interview with Putin»

© Showtime/KomandirПрезидент of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and American film Director Oliver stone during an interview<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/06/e3097da7c0e7a3dbbb93cef4aa8b2eea.jpg" alt="The first Baltic channel will show the film stone «Interview with Putin»” />© Showtime/Komandir

The audience of Russian-speaking First Baltic channel (PBK) 19 June will see the documentary film by American Director Oliver stone «Interview with Putin», according to the page of the official website of the TV channel.

«The first Baltic channel will show «Interview with Putin» by Oliver stone on June 19. Don’t miss it», — stated in the message.

The grid PBC 70% of airtime is programs and movies Russian First channel. The channel is owned by the company Baltic Media Alliance Ltd. The company also owns channels Ren Tv Baltic, NTV Mir Lithuania.

Documentary stone «Interview with Putin» that the Director was prepared two years, was shown on 12-15 June on Showtime channel. The first channel acquired the company Showtime the movie rights, in Russia it will be able to see from 19 to 22 June.