The play «Uncle Vanya» by Vakhtangov theatre has exchanged third hundred on the stage in new York

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotomonster EugThe play «Uncle Vanya» by Vakhtangov theatre has exchanged third hundred on the stage in new York© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

The play «Uncle Vanya» at the Vakhtangov theatre has been played 201 times. The third «hundreds» of production exchanged on the stage of new York’s city center, opening a tour in North America.

To speak in new York in the summer for the company almost a tradition: at the festival «Cherry orchard» (Cherry Orchard) the theater has presented performances of «Eugene Onegin» in 2014 and «smile at us, o Lord» in 2015. This year on the new York Billboard star names: Sergei Makovetsky, Lyudmila Maksakova, Vladimir Simonov. Meetings with the audience across the ocean in a period of uneasy relations between Russia and the United States artists are very expensive. However, answering the question, does art, and specifically theatre of Russia today to stay out of politics, its artistic Director answers directly: «it is Difficult».

«It would probably be a mistake to shut down, do not see or feel what is happening around. We need to put in the air, these signals to perceive and turn it into creative language. As if we are not insulted, we should do brave and crazy job to harmonize the world. Who else? Destroyers, unfortunately, a lot» — shared with RIA Novosti, the Director Rimas Tuminas.

«Nonsense going on in the world, will be held. Pass or war, or peace. She must pass to a mankind without war updated and understand that there is no other choice but to try to harmonize the world,» says Tuminas. He is convinced — the harder, the more important is the case of the Director, the composer, the artist. «No need to fight, I have long refused to fight. But only it is necessary not to give up. And this is possible», — said the artistic Director of the Vakhtangov theatre.

Chekhov in new York Vakhtangov theatre brought for the first time. About the play «Uncle Vanya» by Rimas Tuminas says simply: «All Russia is «Uncle Vanya», the fate of Uncle Vanya».

However, behind this simplicity — the fate of the characters on stage and the lives of generations. «When the Efros and staged Chekhov, he outlined in one word this drama: «I Really want to live otherwise, but for some reason can not» — said the Director. «No one knows the real truth» — quoted by Lyudmila Maksakova my favorite phrase of Chekhov.

To seek answers to the questions by anyone who questions you can search in «scenes from village life», in Moscow or new York. With the us as metropolis many of the Vakhtangov their stories.

Lyudmila Maksakova says, as «first ran on Broadway, watched the musicals — it was an extraordinary sight, we did not have this». This time the actress has had time to go to the ballet at Lincoln center. Sergei Makovetsky in new York has already celebrated the day of birth — June 13, went on a new musical based on «War and peace» Tolstoy. But Sergey Epishev (the role of the worker Efim) in new York for the first time. «I thought when you get here, I’ll just cry when I see skyscrapers I’ve seen a thousand times in the movies. To cry is not, but there is a feeling centre of the world,» he shared. In new York the tallest dancer, the growth Episheva — 2.05 m, was named artistic Director of the «skyscraper theatre».

In new York the play «Uncle Vanya» will be held three more times, then the company will perform in Boston and Toronto.