The Tyumen schoolboys will be engaged in scientific developments in the summer camp

© Fotolia / Tyler OlsonШкольники. Archival photoThe Tyumen schoolboys will be engaged in scientific developments in the summer camp© Fotolia / Tyler Olson

About three hundred talented high school students will conduct scientific work in educational and recreational summer camp near Tyumen schoolchildren waiting for the engineering competition, discussions with inventors, excursions to the production sites and the protection of its own projects, told RIA Novosti employee of the press service of the Governor.

«The pupils of 8-10 classes «will go» to the faculties, where they will have lessons in 11 projects in physico-mathematical, natural scientific, geological and socio-Humanities lab,» said he.

According to the rector of Tyumen state University Valery Falkova, Urbala organized in the camp with the participation of the University, the children will learn to create 3D models of urban spaces with elements of ecological reconstruction. Skills and knowledge gained in this project will help in geography, geometry, computer science, and ecology.

«Center of scientific creativity and robotics TSU, thanks to the available high-tech equipment to work in the field of robotics and 3D modeling has become a powerful stimulus for the development in adolescents of engineering and allows you to prepare future engineers from the school: engage the Centre has children ranging from 11 years,» said FAL’kiv.

According to the press service of the Governor, all camps in Tyumen region this year will rest approximately 185 thousand children, including more than 48 thousand — subsidized programs, including 8 thousand children-orphans and children with disabilities.

«All camps and centres have developed material and technical base provided by guard posts. Health organization buy products from Tyumen manufacturers, which guarantees the reliability of product quality. Transportation of groups of children by motor transport is carried out in accordance with the requirements and mandatory coordination with the traffic police departments, recreational facilities treated against ticks and mosquitoes,» — said the head of the region.