The villagers Krasnokumskoye told about the change after complaints to Putin

© RIA Novosti / Margarita Saveleva affected by the floods residents of the village Krasnokumskoye, Stavropol regionThe villagers Krasnokumskoye told about the change after complaints to Putin© RIA Novosti / Margarita Savelyev

Affected by flood, the villagers in Krasnokumskoye, Stavropol, told RIA Novosti that after complaints to the President during a «straight line» compensation payments began to flow to their Bank accounts, the village also has a Commission to assess the damage.

On Thursday, the resident of the village of Krasnokumskoye George Valentine district Sakowska during the «straight line» with Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that have not received appropriate compensation, and for the preparation of certificates for the recognition of her victim, the authorities and MPs are asked to pay. The Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov said that the women complained Thursday transferred 60 thousand rubles.

«The money arrived yesterday on the passbook, the exact time the Bank could not clarify. This morning I received 60 thousand rubles. Housing certificate I’m expecting, should be the same quadrature, while you wait. For each prescribed for 10 thousand rubles, we eventually received», — told RIA Novosti Sakowska.

Retired Taisia Shevchenko said on Thursday that the employees of the local administration put her name in the list of those who have not yet received compensation. «I was first captured, and right half an hour later came the money — 20 thousand on me and my son. Water (during flood) went into the basement, house said, soundly, nothing will happen, although I’m on this side looked, the kitchen is torn,» said she.

However, there are those who still payment not received. «Money has not received. Yesterday came to the meeting today, the son came to the MFC, no lists, no nothing,» said local resident Tamara Senkov.

In turn the administration of St. George’s district, RIA Novosti said that a benefit is «fine».

As the representative of the LLC «Architectural and planning Bureau», the village has a Commission to assess the damage. «I came in for examination according to the statement of the victim. I now take photos, evaluate the appearance of the house and also inside which defects occur. Here is a job to be processed, believe on the table, which shows what percentages, what amount, we calculate,» said she.

The villagers Krasnokumskoye told about the change after complaints to Putin© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia the words «Straight line» with Vladimir Putin