Who is the leader of ISIS in al-Baghdadi

© AFP 2017 / Prakash HIA photo of the leader of the Islamic state (ISIS banned in Russia), Abu Bakr al-BaghdadiWho is the leader of ISIS in al-Baghdadi© 2017 AFP / Prakash Singh

The Russian defense Ministry checks information about the possible destruction of the leader of the Islamic state group* Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a result of the strike of Russian air force on may 28 in the area of Raqqa. We will remind, then in an attack by Russian aircraft killed more than 300 militants, including a number of leaders — members of the so-called military Council of the IG*. Among those killed was the head of «security service» of the Islamists, Suleiman al-Sawah and «Emir» of Raqqa, Abu al-Haji al-Misri.

The future leader of ISIS* was born in the suburbs of Baghdad. If his name was actually Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or a pseudonym is unknown. As little is known about the young terrorist. He studied at the Tehran Islamic University, received a master’s degree, he lived very modestly and rented a small room. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph former classmate of the terrorist said that al-Baghdadi «was a polite and humble» and «was not a person prone to violence.» While he was not opposed to «secular» entertainment — played football, went to picnics and parties.

The American invasion of Iraq he met, working as an Imam in a Baghdad mosque. It was then that his views were rapidly radicalized. He joined the Islamists and over time has grown to the position of head of the Iraqi branch of «al-Qaeda»*. Was captured by the Americans, spent four years in prison. Spent, I must say, with benefits. During this time, destroyed the main leaders of «al-Qaeda» in the middle East. The Islamists appeared a power vacuum that al-Baghdadi was safely filled.

But then the puzzles begin. To freedom the Islamists came, according to one, in 2004, the other in 2009. No charges for unknown reasons it did not show.

In may 2013, Senator John McCain illegally visited the province of Idlib in Syria, where penetrated from the territory of Turkey to meet with leaders of the armed opposition. On the visit became known only after his return to Washington. McCain definitely met the militants of the «free Syrian army», including with General Salim Idris. But a number of media among the participants of these meetings, a Senator called including al-Baghdadi. Given the longstanding relationship of Americans with the leadership of «al-Qaeda»* (founder of the group, Osama bin Laden collaborated with the CIA in the 1980s in Afghanistan), it was even in his own way.
Around the spring of 2013 the organization al-Baghdadi was officially called a IG* and then she has been involved in a civil war in Syria. Formally it is still part of «al-Qaeda»*. Al-Baghdadi is independent, anyone does not coordinate his actions. In February 2014, the Central leadership of «al-Qaeda» declared that «refuses to support» IG* and its official branch in Syria, calls another organization — the «Front EN-Nusra»*.

During the year IG* takes control of much of Northern Iraq and part of Syria. His capital group announces the city of Raqqa itself al-Baghdadi was proclaimed Caliph Ibrahim. In addition, he asserted that a «direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad». Since then, the extremist organization of jihadists across the planet began to take «the oath» IG* al-Baghdadi has built a economic Empire — gained income not only from looting and ransoms, but also from the oil trade.

On the death of the leader of ISIS* has been reported repeatedly, but then it turned out that al-Baghdadi is alive. So, in 2015, about the death of terrorist reported by «al Arabiya» and The Guardian, in 2016 this told Iranian channels Press TV and Al Sumaria.

*A terrorist group banned in Russia.