A man, rushing the lighter baby in the suburbs, brought the case

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in foobarcontroller law enforcement. Archival photoA man, rushing the lighter baby in the suburbs, brought the case© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Investigators opened a case after a man in Balashikha threw the baby on the lighter from the third floor and injured him, the press service of the regional SC.

Earlier in a press-service GU MVD of Moscow region has told RIA Novosti that police detained the man, rushing in with a lighter child in Balashikha, from which the child was taken to the hospital. As explained in turn, a source in law enforcement bodies, the man was the father of three children. SK started checking.

«Criminal case on signs of the crime under paragraph «b» of part 2 of article 111 of the criminal code (intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm to a child), concerning 38-the summer local resident», — stated in the message.

According to authorities, the afternoon of 16 June, local resident was in one of the houses on Sovetskaya street in Balashikha and holding on hands little daughter of his friend. Between him and the suspect, who was on the balcony of the third floor of the house, there was a verbal sparring. Then the suspect threw from the balcony of the lighter, which hit the baby in the head. The child was diagnosed with closed craniocerebral trauma to the head.

Now the suspect is detained, to him are necessary investigative actions, the question on election of a preventive measure.