Boxer Kovalev will hold a rematch with ward

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Russian boxer Sergey Kovalev in a fight with American Andre ward will try to reclaim his belt of the world champion under version WBA (Super), IBF, WBO light heavyweight champion, without giving opportunity to the judges to intervene in the course of events. The fight, which is expected by all fans of the sport, will be held in Las Vegas in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

«The first fight – the most vile and stydobischa in the history of Boxing»

The first meeting between Kovalev and ward was held on 19 November 2016 in Las Vegas. This fight was voted fight of the year by the IBF. Then the Russians immediately took the initiative to the hands, and in the second round for the first time in his career ward has sent Americans into a knockdown. After the fourth or fifth rounds, the fuse Kovalev was asleep, but later the fight was at least even. And more surprising was the unanimous decision of the American judges to give the victory ward.

Thus, Kovalev then suffered his first defeat on a professional ring at 30 victories (26 by knockout) and one draw, and record of Olympic champion 2004 remained impeccable – 31 wins in 31 fights. Of course, face Kovalev disagreed with the decision and immediately announced the intention to activate the rematch in the contract.

«The first fight between Kovalev and ward is the most vile and stydobischa fight in history of Boxing that I’ve seen. In the eyes of the world were robbed of the titles. It looks disgusting. Yes, the judges will also be American, but to steal victory for the second time they will not be able, otherwise, to the Boxing will start to lose interest,» said «R-Sport» head of the promotion company «World of Boxing» Andrey Ryabinsky.

«It’s all so unfair, and most importantly — ward why do we need a title? Become the laughing stock of the whole world? I really hope that the sting in the rematch will knock him out, not to leave any questions. It is clear that ward is also not a kid, and a very good boxer,» said Ryabinsky.

However, after the first fight even with legal safeguards, such as written a rematch clause, very few people were 100% confident in the organization of the second match, as ward started to really «play up», expressing second thoughts about the advisability of continuing a career. But in early April it was announced that the long awaited fight revenge, as before, will take place in Las Vegas and will be broadcast on HBO in the format of a pay-per-view. Russian fans can see the match live on a public channel. While judges and in the second battle would be filled with Americans.

«Kovalev and ward will pass a drug test before the fight and after it. They undergo VADA testing from the beginning of April — said «R-Sport» promoter «head crusher» Kathy Duva. — Fears for the result of the battle there. Sergei looks great, and now he’s ready to knock ward out. Appointed judges we are satisfied».

For Kovalev ward – a fake champion

After the first fight Kovalev expressed the accumulated dissatisfaction in the work with coach John David Jackson, but continued the cooperation with a specialist. Although the camp was reported that Jackson wanted to go to the ward. In any case, in the June fight will have the opportunity to see all the anger Kovalev in the case. «Crusher» has never hesitated expressions against opponents, but now Kovalev threw the entire verbal flow on a ward that promised to reinforce the words.

«I want to destroy this guy. For me he is not a champion, he’s a false champion. He now lives with this status, but he is a fake champion. He believes in his victory over me and is now trying to convince people in this victory. I don’t like this guy and want to punish him for what he lifts your Noi. He knows he’s lost it,» said Kovalev, often distorting ward’s nickname «Son of God» to «son of the judges.»

Ward was much more restrained. «He’s a good fighter. I respect his. He is a champion, I think once you become a champion and defend your title, you are a champion for life. He is a fighter of championship caliber, and we respect it,» said the American.

Former IBF champion Dmitry Kirillov stated confidence in Kovalev victory. «But, abstracting, preference is given ward. Ward is very very cunning, slippery fighter who can ruin any picture of the battlefield. But I’ll be glad to be wrong. If Serge can force the cabin, it will have a chance to win by knockout. But my preference ward that he will not allow Kovalev to show themselves fully. The percentage of 60 to 40 in favor of the ward, he said. — Although it is possible that Sergei will return the favor to go out for a third fight. It would be more reasonable and correct».

Within undercard fight Kovalev – ward in the ring of Las Vegas will be the interim WBA light heavyweight Russian Dmitry Bivol in the battle with the American Cedric Agnew.