Check for yourself: why Moscow created the service «highway patrol TMS»

© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in fotoracconti road service TMS during a patrol in MoscowCheck for yourself: why Moscow created the service «highway patrol TMS»© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly the image Bank

In may on the roads of Moscow there were green cars Center of traffic organization (COD) with the words «highway patrol». Many drivers become confused them with cars, fixing violations of Parking, some take them for the police, but most did not know who they are and why. The RIA Novosti correspondent spent one day in the crew of the highway patrol and found out what was up with the newly created Metropolitan government office.


In the Parking lot of the main office TMS I meet Oleg, and also two «veterans» of the center, which recently was assigned to the crew of traffic patrol. Both form dark colors and a cap with checkered on the visors. Headgear is strongly reminiscent of the design of the caps of the British police. They both are members of the «highway patrol TMS» service, which should provide drivers roadside assistance in case of accidents, breakage of machinery, difficulties of traffic, emergencies and other trouble.

«If you run out of petrol, we can drag the rope to the nearest filling station, if there is a technical possibility for a trailed machine: eyelet there — and so on. If necessary to drag the wagon, we stopped another truck and ask for help — we have a special reinforced cable for heavy trucks — explain employees of the highway patrol. — It gave us the lead after one event, when we could not stop any truck to ask to tow stalled on the roadway and another truck. We also see that different repair crews worked on the roads according to the rules and ensure the safety of the workers.»


We leave from the office of TMS in the 2nd Forest lane and moving in the direction of TTK on Butyrskaya street. To go on the Garden ring — the usual route of Oleg and Ramil — there is no sense, there is now a large-scale reconstruction, so other than road equipment, anyone help we not be able to provide.

Fortunately, in this road accident nobody suffered, but «evroprotokol» powerless here — too many cars participating. Ramil calls to the police. Surprisingly, none of the drivers are still not even got on the phone 112. Literally five minutes comes the patrol car and followed the ambulance. Despite the presence of the inspector, he and Oleg leave the scene after sending photos and messages through a tablet connected to the Internet, they are waiting for a signal from the control center of TMS. At this time, the taxi driver complains that the car had just entered the Park and took only 50 thousand kilometers. Another driver — judging by the accent, from the southern regions — are strongly interested in the cap and Oleg Ramil: «Guys, I’ll tell you — I want to own the same hat.» After receiving permission from TMS, we’re leaving.

«Sometimes we are confused with «parmname» (TMS, fixing violations of Parking. — Approx. ed.) — smiling highway patrol officer. We drove up somewhere where a lot of illegally parked cars, we begin to photograph a rickety sign, but drivers will rush to close their numbers, get off the wrong Parking space. I think that «got» fine».

In Germany there is a service of the Gelbe Engel («Yellow angel»), organized by German automobile club ADAC. Car mobile technical support — mostly minivans — converted into workshops on wheels and can assist the motorist. In addition to cars, the ADAC has several dozen medical helicopters within 15 minutes, you should find yourself in any problematic place in Germany. However, they help only those who have paid the club membership, and expensive rate PLUS. Special international insurance ADAC allows the helicopters to fly to any country of Europe to rescue a person from trouble, or to use the technique of partners in other countries around the world.

«Highway patrol TMS» for its assistance of the parents does not take planning.