«Comet» is back: Russia resumed production of hydrofoils

© Photo : CKB of SPK im. R. E. Alekseevich passenger hydrofoil new generation of Kometa 120M«Comet» is back: Russia resumed production of hydrofoils© Photo : CKB of SPK im. R. E. Alekseev

. Russia has resumed the production of high-speed passenger hydrofoil vessels of the type «Comet», said the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov. Interest in the project already has Greece, are ready to accept such vessels on the black sea coast of Russia.

Talking about the new «Comets» went to the meeting of co-chairmen of the Russian-Greek joint Commission on economic, industrial and scientific-technical cooperation in Crete. The head of the Russian Ministry of transport asked whether the resumed sale of «Comets» of Greece, which bought them thirty years ago. It Sokolov said: «the Sale yet, but here the production of «Comet» is resumed.»

Now, however, the ship received another name, he said.

«We even named a beautiful name «the Seagull» because it was designed in Rybinsk in the Yaroslavl region, where he works as a Deputy Valentina Tereshkova. Do you remember what her Callsign while flying in space was «Chaika». So this «Comet» was named «Chaika». Now it is almost ready. Therefore, if the Greek company want to buy it, the contract is, in my opinion, is still open,» — said Sokolov.

With regard to the procurement of «Comets» of Greece, according to the Minister, he is ready to support them.

«We will be happy. And although shipbuilding is a competence of the Ministry of industry, I, as Minister of transport and as co-chair of the joint Commission stands ready to support any proposals from Greece», — said the head of Ministry of transport.

As it became known to RIA Novosti, JSC «Shipyard «Vympel» in Rybinsk cooperates with the Greek company «Argonautica ploes» on the construction and transmission of «Comet 120M». Now with a potential Greek customer negotiations concerning the signing of the Memorandum of understanding, which reflects the main conditions of the contract for the construction of four such vessels. The cost of each vessel exceeds six million euros.

On the Black sea

The new «Comets» are interested not only in Greece but also in Russia itself. At the end of April of the Rybinsk plant «Vympel» was visited by President Vladimir Putin. During the meeting, the CEO of the company, in particular, said the head of state about a project to run between Yalta and Sochi of the ship on underwater wings.

Putin noted that the proposal was not the only one, several shipbuilding companies in different regions that offer similar projects.

«The Ministry of transport and Ministry of industry have the opportunity to spend quasicommercial or tender procedure and to select the best offer. But the offer I really like,» said the President, noting that the plan can be implemented with some support from the state in the form of incentives for leasing.

Meanwhile, Putin added that the route Sochi — Yalta complex from the point of view of weather conditions, as hydrofoils dangerous to use in a strong wind. But such ships can be put on other routes on the Caucasian coast and in the Crimea, this form of transport should be developed, it will be in demand, concluded the President.

Anapa is ready to take the «Comet»

Recently the General Director of «Rosmorport» Andrey Tarasenko said that preparations for the resumption of flights «Comets» on the black sea coast. According to him, in Anapa already established enterprise, which will be fully responsible for passenger transportation.

«Before, it was not profitable, but the bids came in particular from «black sea speed lines» that people love from Anapa to come to Sochi, many people want to come to Yalta. So the issue is solved. I’m not sure when it will be. Now companies get a license, there is a large set of documents for obtaining the equipment,» — said Tarasenko.

Whether this direction is a popular and regular, shows passenger traffic, he added.

Updated The «Comet»

The production of «Comets» at the Rybinsk plant was interrupted for almost two decades, but in 2013, the company again started to build hydrofoils.

Then Maksim Sokolov, speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the first of an updated «Comets», said that the vessels will be built for new technologies. According to him, the implementation of such developments will provide new opportunities for passengers not only by the largest rivers of Russia, but also in the black sea basin and the Baltic sea basin.

High-speed hydrofoil «Comet 120M» designed for passenger transportation in the marine coastal zone. The ship with a length of about 35 meters and with a displacement of 73 tons can reach speeds of up to 35 knots and carry up to 120 passengers, 22 in business class, 98 — in salon of economy class.