In the French overseas territories began voting in the second round of elections

© AFP 2017 / Loic VenanceИзбирательная the ballot box at a polling station in France. Archival photoIn the French overseas territories began voting in the second round of elections© 2017 AFP / Loic Venance

Polling stations for second round parliamentary elections opened on Saturday in some overseas territories and departments of France.

In Metropolitan France the second round of elections to the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) will be held June 18. To cast your vote early on the day voters Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, French Polynesia and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. The inhabitants of Reunion island, New Caledonia and Mayotte will vote on Sunday. Also on Saturday will be able to vote voters living in America.

Overseas territories and departments of France is divided into 27 electoral districts, each of which will be chosen a Deputy of the National Assembly. In the second round of voting will take place in 26 districts, because one member was chosen in the first round from 50.24% of the vote.

Last week in France held the first round of parliamentary elections. In the whole country for the candidates of the motion of the Macron «Forward Republic» and its allies from centrist MoDem party voted 32.3% of voters. This is followed by the center-right party «the Republicans» — 15,8%, the right «national front» marine Le Pen and 13.2%, left the «Rebellious France,» Jean-Luc Mélenchon — 11.0% and the former ruling center-left socialist party of 7.4%.

According to the polling company OpinionWay, movement «Forward, the Republic» may receive from 440 to 470 out of 577 seats. Thus, the supporters of Macron can obtain an absolute majority.

Elections to the national Assembly are held by the majority system, candidates are elected in 577 single-member districts. To win in the first round in each of the candidates needed to win 50 percent of the vote. The vast majority of districts that did not happen — where the winners will be determined by the results of the second round of voting for the election of candidates will be a simple majority.