More than seven thousand victims of the floods in the Stavropol region received payments

© RIA Novosti / Denis Abramovici in photosangelina resident during a demonstration of the damage caused by the flood in the Stavropol regionMore than seven thousand victims of the floods in the Stavropol region received payments© RIA Novosti / Denis Abramovica the image Bank

More than 7 thousand victims of the may flood in the Stavropol region received compensation received from the region of Federal funds, reports a press-service of the Governor of the region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a «straight line» in response to a complaint of a resident of the village Krasnokumskogo instructed the Prosecutor General to check where did the money allocated by the Federal authorities to help victims of the flood residents of the Stavropol territory, and readdressed this question to the Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov. He said that the money has not yet been received. On the evening of 15 June, the region received the first Federal tranche of 281,2 million rubles. Federal payments Stavropol affected by the disaster, began on 16 June.

«As of 11.00 GMT Saturday assistance in the amount of 10 thousand rubles received 7,484 thousand people», — stated in the message.

In General from the Federal budget for the payment of compensation to victims of the may floods highlighted 937,5 million rubles.

From the may floods caused by record over the past 50 years, the rains in the Stavropol region injured 28 settlements.