One person with an American destroyer shot in the head

© Flickr / Сгоисһу69Эсминец US Navy Fitzgerald. Archival photoOne person with an American destroyer shot in the head© Flickr / Crouchy69

One member of the crew of the American destroyer USS Fitzgerald, equipped with combat information and control system Aegis received head injuries and can not move independently, said the Agency Kyodo, citing the security service of the sea.

On Saturday morning the security service on the sea of Shimoda port in Shizuoka Prefecture, the Japanese received a message about the collision of the American destroyer USS Fitzgerald (length 154 meters, a displacement 8315 tons) and the Philippine container ship (length 222,6 meters, a displacement of 26 tons) «ACX Crystal» in 20 kilometers from the coast. The helicopter and a patrol ship of the Japanese security service on the sea.

Earlier it was reported that both ships were damaged, but the threat of flooding no oil leaks no. Both vessels continued adherence. The destroyer is sent to the deployment port of Yokosuka, and a container ship in the North-East of the island Juosila. It was also reported that seven members of the crew of the destroyer, unable to communicate.