Party growth will support Ovsyannikova on elections in Sevastopol

© Photo : provided by the Office of information policy and interaction with mass media, Sevastopolenergo Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov. Archive photoParty growth will support Ovsyannikova on elections in Sevastopol© Photo : provided by the Office of information policy and interaction with mass media of Sevastopol

Party growth will support the candidacy of acting head of the Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov, nominated by «United Russia», the gubernatorial elections in September, told reporters the head of the party Boris Titov.

Batch growth on Saturday holds an extraordinary Congress, the agenda of which was to discuss the presidential election and nomination of candidates in governors of a number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. According to Titov, the value of Sevastopol, the need to solve the accumulated problems make improved investment climate and economic growth of the city a priority for the entire country.

«To solve these problems is possible only by forming an effective management team, and we decided to join forces to solve this problem. We will support the candidacy of acting Governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov… Manager (regional office – ed.) of the growth Oleg Nikolaev headed by the urban development Corporation, focusing on the management of economic development of Sevastopol,» — said Titov.

He expressed confidence that the professionalism and high level of public support will allow Nikolaev to work effectively in the team of the Governor and a lot to do for the prosperity of the city and well-being of Sevastopol. Joint-stock company «Corporation of development of Sevastopol» was created in 2016 by the government of the city.

Titov noted that in Sevastopol for the first time will be tested managerial model, which the authors propose a «growth Strategy», when the daily management (the Governor) will be separated from the management of the development, what will the development Corporation.

Tenth of September will be held the first direct election of the Governor of Sevastopol. Currently registered three candidates: Ovsyannikov, Roman Kiyashko (from Communist party) and Ivan Ermakov (from «Patriots of Russia»).

Party growth is one of the youngest parties participating in the Duma elections. It was formed on the basis of the reorganized «Right things», one of the co-chairs of which at the time of its Foundation in 2008 was Titov.

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