Patriarch Kirill said the thesis of the «merging of Church and state»

© Press-service of the Patriarch of Moscow and all to Reseparate in photovacation of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. Archival photoPatriarch Kirill said the thesis of the «merging of Church and state»© Press office of Patriarch of Moscow and all reseparate to the photobank

The coming to power of believers, including the children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova, does not indicate a «merging of Church and state», and is the result of a Church mission, said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on Friday spoke at the conference at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, dedicated to the centenary of the outbreak of the persecution of the Russian Church.

«Do you know this famous thesis: «the merging of Church and state». How did the theme — for the post of Ombudsman on children’s Affairs was appointed mother, the preacher’s wife (Anna Kuznetsova — ed.) has started! We have a ban on working for the Orthodox people? And then said about «merging». So, we Orthodox cannot be the Ombudsman cannot be a Minister, the President also can’t be?» — the Patriarch has told, answering questions of participants of the conference.

In his opinion, the increasing attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church are associated with the fact that she «really started to have an impact on society.» «There is a direct propaganda, aimed at to the fact of the increasing religiosity of our people to interpret it as a political concept: the Church coalesces with the state», — said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Thus, according to him, about any «merging» of the question: for example, priests in parishes, Church superiors know how hard you need to use to solve a variety of emerging issues.

«We cannot say that we live in the most favourable conditions, but really what happens — and then we would all have God to thank for that: in power today are more and more Orthodox people. And many governors visit the temple and pray, and take communion — so what is splicing? It’s not splicing, is the result of the Church’s mission», — said the Patriarch.

The fact that «high standing state officials» openly declare their affiliation to Orthodoxy, the Primate, is related not to the «splicing» and «to what is happening inside the man, inside his heart.»

The Patriarch also ironically remembered one of the publications he read recently. It drew attention to the fact that in the temple «the Governor stood near the Bishop,» and said that this is «the testimony of the splicing».

«Well, some are funny analogies come: the Bishop often, as a monk is (in worship — ed.), and a number are women. Well, the splicing nobody says that?» — said the Patriarch, whose joke was met with applause.

In General, the head of the ROC concluded that in the current environment in the country, «the Church is free to act» and «its nothing shy». «We now have the opportunity to organize the Church life according to our laws, by conscience and by God’s grace — it is a historic opportunity», he concluded.