Qatar at the castle: the border with Saudi Arabia are going to close completely

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in photobackgrounds item on the closed border between Qatar and Saudi ArabiaQatar at the castle: the border with Saudi Arabia are going to close completely© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

The border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia in less than two weeks after the rupture of diplomatic relations almost extinct: now the Saudis passed on their territory only of citizens of third countries, with the Saudi visa. Sunday movement across the border will be closed definitively.

Saudi Arabia is the only country with which Qatar shares a land border. It was through her, for example, the Emirate receives a significant portion of food and many other commodities necessary for everyday life. So when on 5 June, the Saudis and their allies announced the termination of relations with Qatar and the closure of the border, it looked serious. Fortunately for Qatar, it has well-developed sea and air links with the world, including such influential regional powers like Iran and Turkey. It makes declared the blockade rather symbolic measure.

The mood and create road signs «Drifting sand» («moving sand»), depicting a sandstorm across the road apparently, so drivers are warned that visibility may rapidly deteriorate.

Now, however, the review does not interfere, and you can clearly see that on the highway leading to Saudi Arabia, there are practically none — because of the closure of the border in the wrong direction simply no need. Closer to the border are increasingly military. On the sea shore near the border, the group in camouflage to train their dogs, and about border appears armored jeep camouflage coloring that is equipped with a machine gun.

«Before the embargo through the gate took place five to seven thousand people a day, and in holidays even more. Trucks — about a thousand a day. Can you imagine what noise there was and how much work we had,» said the officer. He invited us to sit in his jeep and take a short tour of the border crossing.

Seen is impressive — we see immediately that this is a transitional paragraph between two very rich and prosperous countries. Here spacious, well-equipped playgrounds — one for passenger cars, separately for the cargo. Another area — quarantine for animals, «willing» to move from one country to another. But now there is no chicken and no truck.

«This platform can simultaneously accommodate 300 trucks», — showed the officer a huge, spacious and still a clean area. «Usually, more than 700 trucks are outside waiting for their turn for inspection,» he explained. Now all trucks have left the border is closed for an indefinite period, the goods may deteriorate. Perhaps they were sent by sea or found them some the application.

«According to our data, with the resurrection, the border will be completely closed, and while the Saudis are doing something like a transition period to their own nationals had to return home,» said the officer. He assured that Qatar is willing to ignore the Saudis and Qataris and all the others in both parties, but «it is the decision of Saudi Arabia».

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt on 5 June broke off diplomatic relations with Doha and stopped with Qatar every message, accusing him of supporting terrorism and interference in their internal Affairs. Later on the rupture of diplomatic relations also said the Maldives, Mauritius, Mauritania. Jordan and Djibouti have reduced the level of its diplomatic missions in Qatar. Senegal, Niger and Chad announced the withdrawal of ambassadors. In the end to the blockade of Qatar decided not to join only two States in the cooperation Council of Persian Gulf countries — Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman. Qatar has denied the charges and stated that retaliation will not accept.

The crisis over Qatar was triggered by posted on the website of Qatari news Agency, a statement on behalf of the Emir of Qatar, in which he urged to build relations with Iran and expressed words of support to the «Muslim Brothers». The statement was posted a week after the summit of the countries of the Persian Gulf and the United States in Riyadh. Later the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Qatar, said that the Agency website was hacked, a speech on behalf of the Emir were published by the hackers and has nothing to do with the Qatari leader. However, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain considered this rebuttal unconvincing, and continue to insist that the words on the normalization of relations with Iran really belongs to the Emir. The main demand of the Arab countries is expulsion from Qatar of Hamas and the various factions, which in the neighbouring States consider a terrorist.