Riyadh will not allow Turkey to build a military base on its territory

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate in fotobounce of Riyadh city — the capital of Saudi Arabia. Archival photoRiyadh will not allow Turkey to build a military base on its territory© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate the image Bank

Saudi Arabia is not going to allow Turkey to build the Kingdom in any military base, it is not necessary, reports on Saturday by state Agency SPA, quoting the official source.

On Thursday President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with Portuguese TV that he had discussed the possibility of Turkish military base in Saudi Arabia with king Salman, who, according to him, agreed to consider the proposal.

«Responsible source confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could not allow Turkey to host military bases on its territory… the Kingdom doesn’t need this», — stated in the message.

The source stressed that «the armed forces and military capabilities of the Kingdom are in the best condition,» and its military presence abroad, including in the territory of the Turkish base of Incirlik, which is used for operations of the US-led coalition against terrorism.