SK questioned with cancer, complained to Putin at the shortage of doctors

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in photobacteria of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Archival photoSK questioned with cancer, complained to Putin at the shortage of doctors© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Investigators in Murmansk region questioned the lady with cancer Daria Starikov, who previously appealed to President Vladimir Putin during a «straight line» with complaints to problems with health care in Apatity.

The girl recognized her as a victim in a criminal case about negligence. The investigation Committee withdrew all medical records from medical institutions, where Starikov was observed and was treated from the moment of her birth.

«Set up an investigation group interviewed persons from among the nurses who participated in observation and treatment Darya. Assigned the necessary is judicial-medical examination, including outside of the Murmansk region», — said senior assistant head investigation Department of the TFR in the Murmansk region Natalia Trostina.

She added that the investigation Starikova is under the control of the acting head of the investigation Department.

The girl was in intensive care

After the «straight line» Starikov was hospitalized in Kirovsk-Apatity Central regional hospital.

«Dasha was admitted in emergency to our hospital, placed in intensive care, stable and today in the car of aircraft sent to the regional hospital of Murmansk,» said the chief doctor of the medical institution Yuri Shiryaev.

The story of a medical error

During the «straight line» 24-year-old Starikov, diagnosed with cancer of the fourth stage, told the President that in Apatity there is no hospital — old was closed and a new and not completed. In the city there is a shortage of specialists, most of whom moved to the neighboring Kirov. In addition, she shared her story: first she put the wrong diagnosis of intervertebral osteochondrosis. Cancer has long treated his back, and as a result time was lost.

The head of state admitted that the same thing had once happened with his father.

«I usually don’t talk about his business and his personal life, but looking at you I can not say: the same thing happened with my dad. It will fly from back pain, did massages, warming and so on. My mother told my father at night screaming in pain. And only then I transferred him to another hospital,» — said the President.

He asked the girl not to lose hope and promised to help her.

Immediate reaction

After treatment in a «straight line» Murmansk region Governor Marina Kovtun wrote in his Twitter account that on Friday will travel to Apatity.

«The problem of Dasha and health organization in the city will discuss on the spot», — stated in the message.

Met with residents and listened to their complaints. Each complaint recorded, the Ministry of health is mandated to fulfill every request

Marina Kovtun (@KovtunM) June 16, 2017

SK immediately began a preliminary examination of the issues of inadequate medical care.

Willingness to give the girl help in the treatment of expressed forming enterprise of the city of Apatity «FosAgro».

The Minister of health of the Murmansk region Valery Peretrukhin on behalf of the Governor of the region will remain in Apatity and accept all comers.

«As long as the stream of complaints out for each specific case I will not answer… Let it do its job, and then draw conclusions and take action,» — said Kovtun.

She Kovtun, in turn, met with aunt Daria Love Tulupova, which helps her to bring up six year old daughter. She said that currently preparing documents to send Starikova one of the best clinics in the country. The Governor also promised to provide the family of a cancer patient all the necessary support.

The authorities knew about the problem

According to Kovtun, the authorities were aware of the shortage of doctors in Apatity. However, as the Governor explained when health facilities receive health care «per capita» funding, it is difficult to provide high salaries to specialists.

The chief Kirovsk-Apatity hospital, in turn, said that the urgent need in the medical subspecialties to date not marked.

«Staffing of doctors is 64%, nurses — 96%», — he said.

Shiryaev also explained why in Apatity there is no clinic. According to him, due to the reduction in population it was decided to merge the two hospitals. The very same eight-storey building of the hospital in Apatity began to build in 1989, but was built only half.
The doctor has said that for the last three years in Kirovsk-Apatity hospital significantly decreased the mortality.

To refrain from premature accusations

Should not ahead of time to blame the negligence of doctors, not diagnostirovati time cancer the girl from the Murmansk region, said the Deputy Director of the research Institute of pediatric Oncology and Haematology of the Russian oncological scientific center named after Blokhin Vladimir Polyakov.

According to him, the disease could be hidden, so you need to carefully examine the medical history of the girl.

«I need to know what tests were done, in what time frame, how long it lasted. If it was all quick, that’s one thing. If people a few months pulled with this diagnosis, it is also necessary to understand why it happened, factors can be mass, not necessarily that it is the lack of doctors, just hidden disease, asymptomatic to a certain period,»- said Polyakov.

He added that the need to undertake a medical examination. «This is neither to criticize nor to justify the impossible,» — said the expert.