Sobyanin told about the development of standards decoration of houses under renovation

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New standards for the improvement and decoration of houses, included in the program of renovation will be developed in Moscow, said Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin during the forum, the Moscow city Duma.

«As for standards, I agree with you, these standards need to develop, we are talking about landscaping, and finishes, and recruiting materials to construct houses. Such standards will be adopted», — said Sobyanin in response to the proposals of the Chairman of the Commission of the Public chamber of Moscow on urban policy, architecture and construction Peter Kudryavtsev.

«By law we have no right to demolish or reconstruct the monuments, we can only restore. Here invent nothing, such monuments are protected under Federal law, violation of which implies criminal responsibility. About any demolition of such houses out of the question, we are talking about the relocation of people and subsequent restoration of homes,» the mayor added.

With regard to the historical city-forming objects, which are neither identified by monuments, or monuments, but have a historical charge, they should be approached individually, said Sobyanin. «The fact that you can save, must save. Haste is not needed here. It is necessary at the optimum time to consider on each house to make the best decision,» said the mayor.

Kudryavtsev, in turn, said that in Arhnadzor presented more than 300 monuments, many of them are the face of the city. «Many of them are in extremely poor condition and will require at least deep repair. Most of the residents of these facilities vote for the inclusion in the renovation programme. We think it is necessary to put a moratorium on their demolition and to form a working group with the Department of cultural heritage and public organizations, Arhnadzor and members of the Public chamber, to carefully analyze the situation and to identify monuments that are worth keeping, and to find a legal form for the further preservation and restoration. It may take two months,» said Kudryavtsev.

According to him, also need more guarantee associated with accomplishment. «It makes sense to publish some rules of improvement for areas of renovation,» — said Kudryavtsev. In his opinion, it is necessary to create serious standards in the field of decoration and also to establish showrooms in the areas of renovation, so that people could understand, where they move.

Moscow authorities on may 2 published a list of 4566 five-story building, which will vote on their inclusion in a program of renovation of housing. The list includes homes located in 85 districts of old Moscow and 6 villages in the new territories. While 40 districts of old Moscow and 15 settlements new to the list are not included. In the final version of the program can enter a smaller number in Moscow, «Khrushchev» — it will include only those houses where the inhabitants of two thirds of the apartments will vote for the renovation. In forming the list takes into account technical condition of the house and the opinion of its inhabitants in a preliminary survey.

Sobyanin told about the development of standards decoration of houses under renovationHousewarming