Team Russia will start in the confederations Cup with the match against the new Zealanders

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in photobacteria fans. Archival photoTeam Russia will start in the confederations Cup with the match against the new Zealanders© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

The national team of Russia on football will start in the confederations Cup match against team New Zealand. The opening match of the tournament will be held at the stadium «Saint Petersburg» on June 17, beginning at 18:00 GMT. The opening ceremony will begin at 16:00 GMT. The confederations Cup that precedes the world Cup, which will be held in Russia in 2018, will be held from 17 June to 2 July in Kazan, Sochi, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

The Russian national team in the FIFA rankings (63rd place) is much higher than his opponent (95). The Russians first with the new Zealanders haven’t met, but successfully played the USSR national team. At the world Cup in Spain in 1982, the Soviet players defeated the national team of New Zealand with a score 3:0.

Every time the new Zealanders played in the confederations Cup in big underdogs, while only one of nine meetings with their participation ended in a draw. Unlike the famous new Zealand Rugby team called the All blacks («all in black»), main football team is called All whites («all whites»). In Russia, the «kiwis» are going to get all the points and to conduct the best tournament in history. This was told midfielder Marco Rojas, one of the best new Zealand players.

«We watched the recent friendly matches of the national team of Russia. I think we will be ready for full-time appointment. If we stick to the game plan and really hit it hard, then anything can happen. Will put pressure on the opponent. We can’t wait, really want to see the new stadium, for us it is a special meeting to play at this stadium against the team, which will host the tournament. We enjoy the atmosphere and the game itself. A good result for us in the tournament will be points scored,» said Rojas told reporters.

Heads the team of New Zealand 36-year-old Anthony Hudson, which has significantly rejuvenated the team. In addition to the 25-year-old Rojas, among the stars of the «kiwi» should include his age, striker of the English «Leeds» Chris wood, who has already played in the confederations Cup in 2009, while current All whites captain was 17 years old.On Thursday, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said during «straight line» that he hopes that Russia will be effective and pleasing the fans with the results of the national football team. It is on the confederations Cup will be a competition of the current team, a team of cherchesova will answer a number of questions, chief among them — as the Russians are ready to perform successfully at the world Cup in 2018.

It is planned that Vladimir Putin will attend the opening match of the confederations Cup. Before the game against the new Zealanders Cherchesov said that all his players are healthy, and noted that the attention of the head of state there. «If the President on the big forum to talk about the team, it means we care about. Again, he noted the progress so watching,» said Cherchesov reporters.

The Circassian populations said that the team had a good preparation for the tournament. «Tomorrow is the opening of the tournament, everything will be decided on the football field. We are expecting a good match. We have the training conducted as planned. Not only us, but others are injuries and ailments, this party did not pass. But 23 people ready. The stadium is gorgeous, the lawn is fixed,» — said Cherchesov.Head coach of Russia is sure that the easy life at his players in his debut match at the stadium «Saint Petersburg» will not. «We looked at new Zealanders, the names will not speak — we know who and how to play. We are getting ready to play with lovely team, we are waiting for a difficult match — said Cherchesov reporters.

The goalkeeper of Russian national team Vladimir Gabulov before the game with the new Zealanders said that the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent has been studied. «The coaching staff we have laid and from how to beat the opponent. We looked at the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. New Zealand is a tough team, we have great respect for the opponent. But nothing more, we will build on your game, wanting to win,» said the Gabulov.

Team Russia will start in the confederations Cup with the match against the new Zealanders© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotobanka will visit the opening match of the confederations Cup between Russia and New Telangiectases goalkeeper, Igor Akinfeev, may hold the 99th match for the national team today. Of the current players ahead of him only Vasili Berezutski (101) and Sergei Ignashevich (120), which at the confederations Cup, will not play.

Team Russia will start in the confederations Cup with the match against the new Zealanders© RIA Novosti, Infographical behavior at the games of the confederations Cup 2017