The head of the HRC considers that the law on rallies need to fix

© RIA Novosti / Denis Priskiriami in fotomonster at multifunctional migration center of MoscowThe head of the HRC considers that the law on rallies need to fix© RIA Novosti / Denis Priskiriami the image Bank

The head of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov has expressed the view that the Russian law «On assemblies, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets» contains errors and requires correction.

«With regard to the law (on rallies — ed.), the law, of course, needs correction. There are a lot of errors,» Fedotov said in Moscow on Friday during the meeting of the working group «Civil society» of the German-Russian forum «Petersburg dialogue», which he is co-chair.

«The law says that it is not necessary to check with local authorities about the picket and the meeting if they are held by one party. I can imagine a picket conducted by one participant, but the meeting, which is held by one party, I can not imagine. Tried, fantasy is not enough» — gave the example of the head of the HRC.

Speaking of public activity and the recent protests in Russia, he noted that the HRC closely engaged in this topic. The Council, in particular, sent their observers to the opposition rallies, which were held in different cities of the country on March 26 and June 12.

«And we are now collecting information from all regions where the numbers were any protests. Incidentally, in many regions, they were coordinated with the authorities, and no problems there arose. Therefore, we constantly emphasize that the best means of combating unauthorized public events is to authorize these public events,» — said Fedotov.

He explained, that on agreed public events usually do not trouble nor of those who go to protest, nor of those who happened to be there. But in place of the recent uncoordinated action in Tver was a lot of people who are absolutely no relation to the protests had not, but was the result, in police departments, the human rights activist says.

He also reminded Council of the special report to the President in which human rights defenders will analyse the materials on the events in the stock March 26, and June 12. In preparing the report, the HRC will rely on materials obtained from almost all regions of Russia, said the head of the Council.

«The relevant requests have already been sent, answers have come. So that work in this direction is conducted» — said Fedotov.