«Alcohol can enter posthumously». Three key questions about the downed boy

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The interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee launched an investigation into the criminal case in which the experts recognized a drunk six year old boy, hit by a car in the suburban Train. The accident occurred on April 23, but the situation became known almost two months – the response was caused by the results of the examination. The father of the deceased boy sees strange data is that the husband is the culprit of the accident — a member of a criminal gang. The locals and renowned court physician adhere to other versions. Three main questions about the case – in the material RIA Novosti.

Ten penalties and one death

On 23 April, about half past six in the evening, in the yard of a private house in microdistrict pavlino was to death brought down the six-year-old Alex Shimko. The boy had returned from a walk with his grandfather when at high speed he was hit by a car Hyundai Solaris. Machine, speeding the dead end Parking around multi-story homes, dragged the child about ten feet from one entrance to another, moving the front and rear wheels, and then stopped.

«I heard terrible screams. I looked out the window grandpa is in hysterics around the machine. I immediately went outside under the rear wheels barely moved the child. The whole body was disfigured, suffered head and abdomen. Shock, horror – I don’t know what to say. He was still alive when we pulled him out from under the car, and asked the female driver to call an ambulance. But there was no reaction, she stepped aside and began to call someone else», – told RIA Novosti the witness a novel.

According to him, they gathered around mother and children – the incident occurred five meters from the Playground.

Ten minutes later came a resuscitation ambulance. Doctors could only ascertain the death of a child. The boy died of a fractured skull and swelling of the brain.

According to Roman, who a few minutes before the tragedy, watched the Playground from the window, the car that entered the local area, immediately struck him as odd: the woman driver did not immediately fit into the rotation. As they say eyewitnesses, who at that time was at the site, the lady driver was talking on the phone and was not paying attention to the road while driving out of the Parking lot.

Behind the wheel was a 31-year-old Olga beneficial – according to some, wife of a local crime boss, who is serving a sentence for the black raiders in prison. According to the residents of the house No. 39, the woman often drove some to one of the entrances, but in the neighborhood lives and works in the salon of cellular communication «Beeline» neighboring Reutov.

How did you find the initiative group of eyewitnesses, which recorded vehicle data, alisova, a native of the town of Balashov in Saratov region, a month before the accident received ten fines for speeding. Three of them at the time of the accident, she did not pay.

Forty days of waiting. The first question

The criminal case against Alisovoy engaged in more than a month. «Only forty days after the death of the boy we are verbally informed that the case was brought,» recalls Roman. He became one of the organizers of the fundraiser for the family Shimko for the legal advice, as well as collective appeals to the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin.

In the letter, they asked to take the case from the interior Ministry of Russia «Balashikha», which is usually accused of fatal accidents. According to the Novel, the detectives of the local police station arrived, only 3 may to spend dosledstvennaja experiment. It turned out that the driver could not notice the boy and several times exceeded the speed limit: it was dispersed to the local area up to about 50 kilometers per hour, instead of twenty.

However, to open a criminal case no one was in a hurry. The next day, grief-stricken family Shimko receive email notifications about the money order in the amount of 50 thousand rubles – from Olga Alisovoy. On the relationship the woman is still not out. Friends of the family said to RIA Novosti, confident that it was initiated by her lawyer to present in court mitigating evidence. The lawyer turned to the boy’s father asking her to meet him so beneficial could «apologize» but at the meeting stated that she was not guilty. The woman was silent.

Began to disappear and the evidence of her guilt. For example, in a strange way there is a failure of the cameras that were installed at the entrances of the house №39 on the program «Safe city» and was able to fix the crash.

As explained in the administration of the local people, «around forty houses hung service for six days.» But, in addition, has disappeared and private video camera that was over the second entrance, and was also sent to the scene.

8 may situation interested party LDPR and the Communist party, after ten days the boy’s father, officer of Regardie Roman Shimko turned to the head of «Fair Russia». Local residents appealed to the Federal television channels, to create a public resonance, and thus contribute to the initiation of a criminal case. But the journalists answered that need confirmation of the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry that all is exactly as eyewitnesses tell, it was a vicious circle.

Finally, on may 26, Shimko said that the case against Alisovoy was opened under article 264 criminal code (violation of traffic rules, which led to the death of a person). But the number of cases, he said, he did not, prosecutors are not registered, and did not partake of the results is judicial-medical examination (this document was received on 12 June).

In this case we are talking, probably, about the criminal actions, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the arbitration court of Moscow and the Moscow region Oleg Sukhov.

«Was carried out investigative actions, the witnesses of the incident, and there were no grounds for refusal. Perhaps we are talking about bribes to persons engaged in the investigation or pressure on them.»

When the case was brought, has changed four investigators, said family friends. It can also be related to obstruction of investigations or threats, told RIA Novosti the managing partner of the bar «starinsky, Cartago and partners» Vladimir starinskij. Accordingly, Alisovoy (if it was) can be added allegations of bribery or obstruction of the investigation.

A lethal dose for a child. The second question

According to the forensic medical examination, may 3, was obtained the results of laboratory studies of blood boy: it contained 2.7% of ethyl alcohol is about a bottle of vodka.

Apparently, this examiner considered implausible and appointed additional expertise: molecular genetic study on the establishment of facilities of blood to the baby.

May 22, from the Moscow laboratory, where the materials were sent from Moscow came the answer: two blood samples belong to one person – six-year-old boy Alex Shimko.

All this suggests that the error could not be and speeches, said to RIA Novosti, Yuri Pigolkin, head of the Department of forensic medicine of the medical faculty of MMA to them. I. M. Sechenov.

«Moreover, they had a very rare Russian it is judicial-chemical examination: for detection of acetaldehyde, which is formed by the oxidation of alcohol in the body, which once again confirms the findings of the study. If you rely on forensic evidence, it can be argued that the child was drunk,» – said the expert.

However, this conclusion is contrary to common sense. At such high concentrations of alcohol in the blood even a grown man can’t control himself and stay on his feet. For a child of six, which is not yet fully formed enzyme system, it’s lethal.

The question arises: how did such paradoxical results?

«Maybe a doctor or some other employee of the morgue before the autopsy specifically introduced in the body of a child alcohol. Within a few hours after death the internal organs like the liver and muscle tissue remain viable. They can perform an oxidizing function, and the formation and the acetaldehyde, which was revealed in re-examination. However, given that the blood ceases to circulate, this is unlikely. Much easier to replace the data in vitro. But to exclude this version is impossible,» – said Pigolkin. If it is true, with exhumation, the results will not change.

In rare cases, the alcohol may be in the body of the deceased for embalming, when they enter a special drug with alcohol content, adds the expert. But, as far as we know, the boy before opening wasn’t embalmed.

The M. E. Alexander of the Villages, said RIA Novosti that he sees other causes: blood or diluted alcohol during collection of biological material, or twice took a sample from another person.

To say, by whom and at what stage was made possible substitution difficult. Usually when opening an expert body has not only a medic, but a medic and a technician. Surveillance at this. But cross-examination may help find out the truth, I’m sure Pigolkin.

There is one, the least plausible explanation. 7 may in public «Our Train» has appeared the information that in microdistrict pavlino, where previously there was a tragedy, «a dangerous man landed on the guy for 14 years, was forced to drink two glasses of some liquid, holding the knife at the throat».

As a result, the teenager lost consciousness, but ten minutes later came the intensive care ambulance and managed to save him. More information about «dangerous man» was not. But if this happened with Alyosha Shimko shortly before the crash, the child could walk and play for another half an hour, depending on the characteristics of the organism, is the time at which alcohol is absorbed into the blood, says the medical examiner Villages. Against this version – the words of an eyewitness of the tragedy Anastasia Isaeva: «my son saw as a grandfather was walking with Alyosha, the child was in normal condition. Grandpa walked beside him and covered the boy who rode on his bike. He was always close and didn’t move a single step».

In any event, imaginary or real alcohol on hand the culprit of the accident Alisovoy: this could be proof that she had no technical possibility to avoid the accident, is a way to avoid real life and escape the payment of compensation of the harm caused.

The city is unsafe. The third question

Roman Shimko associates the delays and the results of the examination that the husband of Alisovoy associated with the local gang. However, local residents feel differently.

The tragic accident does not want to publicize the city administration anonymously told RIA Novosti one of the locals: «the investigators Detected the causes and the conditions under which the accident occurred, can open a lot of other crimes and white collar crimes in the sphere of economy, plunder of budgetary funds, omissions of Supervisory authorities».

We are talking in particular about the program «Safe city», which aims to ensure the safety of residents of the Moscow region and to increase the effectiveness of fight against crime (this includes surveillance cameras). In addition, in the yard there was no sign to alert drivers of speed limit, no Zebra, no speed bumps that were supposed to make members of the administration and the traffic police.

At the request of tenants, the management company replied that traffic signs and speed humps, according to the documents, appeared in the yard two weeks before the tragedy. However, residents Paulino first saw them April 30 (set night). Also they have other information: the order on elimination of violations was signed by the chief of local traffic police Alexander Yagupol April 21. The document contained not only seems to date «backdating», but a mistake in the name of the neighborhood – Keramik, instead of Paulino.

May 20 a local resident noted that «it was nice discouraged by the fact that in the area of the 30 houses on the bypass road there are so many new road signs, and in one place as many as four pointer pedestrian crossings in every direction.»

In response, someone remarked rhetorically: «Do you need to die little man?».

«Everyone in our community believe that crime Rail, Balashikha and Noginsk exceed all towns in the Moscow region is the most corrupt city, where banditry. Traffic police, police Department, Prosecutor’s office – are all connected, and a point did not change», – says Roman.

Anyway, the checks at a high level after such a public outcry not to avoid. The suburban division of the Investigative Committee has already announced that it would study all the material, as «part of the evidence was destroyed.»

What will happen by the investigators and the experts, depends on whether there will be concrete evidence of their guilt – for example, they can get rid of and dismissal unless there is criminal intent, says the Chairman of the arbitration court of Moscow and the Moscow region Oleg Sukhov.

Olga beneficial is still under house arrest. If the case will be referred to the court, there is no doubt that she will be a real deprivation of liberty, the lawyer says.

The interior Ministry has announced that it will hold re-examination: samples in which found alcohol, compared with traces on the bottom of the car body.

The boy’s family agrees to exhume the body of his son. Six-year-old Alyosha was buried three days later after the autopsy. Roman and Helen Shimko was the eldest, eight year old son.