Australian midfielder Tim Cahill is ready to play 90 minutes against the Germans

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in Votorantim Cahill at a press conference. 18 Jun 2017Australian midfielder Tim Cahill is ready to play 90 minutes against the Germans© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability the image Bank

The leader of the team of Australia on football, 37-year-old midfielder Tim Cahill has said that he is ready to play all 90 minutes of the match of the confederations Cup against the current world Champions Germans.

The match between Germany and Australia will be held on Monday at the stadium «Fisht» in Sochi.

«Of course I can play a full match. Everything I have ever done in my career is played professionally. Every year I play 70% of matches in the season. I am in great shape, my goal is to be at this tournament for 5 or 95 minutes. When you play at this level, you need to be a professional, otherwise you do not belong here. 23 players of the national team in the tournament not selected for a couple of games, but on the basis of all indicators for the season. And it has a very good side for me — I’m in my 37 years of playing on the same level with those who are 18,» said Cahill at a press conference.

The player also said he was ready to help the team and staying on the bench. «For me it’s very simple — if you can change the game, it is very important. We will attempt to find weaknesses of opponents – team and individual. If you start on the bench, I’ll look out for those parties from there,» said Cahill.