Aviation TSB extinguish large forest fire in Buryatia

© RIA Novosti / Anna Ogorodnikova in fotobanka in Buryatia. Archival photoAviation TSB extinguish large forest fire in Buryatia© RIA Novosti / Anna Ogorodnikova the image Bank

Aviation of the Eastern military district (OIE) are involved in extinguishing of large forest fire in Buryatia, the fire dropped to 17.5 tons of water, reported the press service of BBO.

To eliminate the fire on the area of 130 hectares from the TSB attracted more than 170 people and about 50 pieces of equipment, including the Il-76 plane of the defense Ministry and two Mi-8 helicopters of army aviation of the County.

«To assess the fire area conducted aerial reconnaissance of fires by helicopter Mi-8 from the airfield Cheremushki (Zabaykalsky Krai). During localization of a forest fire the crew of the helicopter Mi-8 with spillway device VSU-5A on the fire made seven discharges. Just dropped 17.5 tons», — stated in the message.

The fighting also involved a detachment from military enterprises TSB. The military personnel dug in and spilled water 1500 square meters of forest land. Forest fire is localized. It is noted that threats to the infrastructure of the defense Ministry and the settlements.

On the territory of Buryatia valid emergency mode from-for a difficult wildfire situation. Access to forests is prohibited.