Embassy of Russia in Portugal urged to avoid places where raging fires

© 2017 AFP / Patricia De Melo Mohegansun on the side of the road watching the fire in Ansiao, Leiria, Portugal. 18 Jun 2017Embassy of Russia in Portugal urged to avoid places where raging fires© AFP 2017 / Patricia De Melo Moreira

The Russian Embassy in Portugal calls upon the Russian citizens residing in this country, to refrain from visiting areas where fires are raging.

The number of victims of a powerful forest fire in Portugal, according to the latest estimates, more than 60 people, dozens were injured, some of them are in serious condition. This is the largest number of victims from forest fires in Portugal over the last decades. The fire continues to rage in the municipality of Pedrogao Grande (Leiria district, a historical region of Estremadura), 200 kilometers from Lisbon.

«Due to extreme weather conditions red, the highest danger level set for the districts of Lisbon, Santaren, Setubal and bragança. The Embassy recommends Russian tourists to be extra vigilant and careful as possible and refrain from visiting these areas of the country. For the rest of Portugal, retained the orange danger level,» — said in the message of Embassy of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the press attaché of the Embassy Alexander Bryantsev told RIA Novosti that the diplomatic mission has no information whether Russian citizens to be among the victims of the fire, Russian diplomats are in constant contact with the authorities of Portugal.

It was reported that about 30 people were killed when trying to leave the disaster area by car. Extinguish the fire prevents the high temperature established in the region, and strong wind gusts. Currently in Portugal raging a total of ten fire, in the fighting which involved 1.6 thousand people, including military, 15 aircraft and helicopters, as well as nearly 500 vehicles. Two Spanish amphibian aimed at helping Portuguese firefighter assistance offered to France, Germany and the EU.

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