Foreign Ministry regrets that the US refuses to normalize relations with Cuba

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in photobacteria the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia. Archival photoForeign Ministry regrets that the US refuses to normalize relations with Cuba© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

The decision of the President of the United States Donald trump to reconsider the policy of normalizing relations with Cuba is regrettable, according to the Russian foreign Ministry.

On Friday, trump said about the cancellation of «erroneous» policy of his predecessor Barack Obama to normalize relations with Cuba. This was another step in the folding of previously executed contracts, and rejection of the promises of the previous administration. The White house noted that the United States remain imposed on Cuba and the embargo act «against the appeals of the UN and other international organizations for its abolition».

«Declared by US President trump’s new line against Cuba returns us to the already almost forgotten the rhetoric in the style of the cold war. This approach characterized the attitude of the US towards Cuba for decades. When the previous administration in Washington made significant changes to the course pursued in respect to Islands, we are not without the bases believed that it was not so much a manifestation of good will of individual politicians, as a reflection of the failure of the policy of diktat and sanctions against this small and freedom-loving state», — is spoken to comments published Sunday on the website of the foreign Ministry.

«It now appears that the anti-Cuban discourse is still widely popular. This cannot but cause regret. I think that no one should doubt the arrogant style of doing business with Cuba is futile. The events of the last half-century is obvious evidence of this,» — said the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Russian foreign Ministry confirmed that Moscow remains in solidarity with Cuba. «We are against embargoes, blockades, sanctions and dividing lines. We are for dialogue, cooperation and building bridges, communicating without dictatorship and attempts at foreign intervention in the internal Affairs of sovereign States,» — said in comments to the Agency. It recalls that the same approach towards Cuba holds an overwhelming majority of countries, which is confirmed by the results of the vote on antiblockage resolution of the UN General Assembly. «I would like to urge the administration to trump well to heed the almost unanimous voice of the world community», — stressed the foreign Ministry.

The United States and Cuba announced in late 2014, about the beginning of a gradual normalization of relations. In July 2015, the countries have restored diplomatic relations. The parties subsequently signed a number of bilateral agreements, although the trade embargo against Cuba imposed by the U.S. Congress, it has not been cancelled. In 2016, Obama became the first for almost 90 years by the U.S. President, visited the island. And even leaving his post, Obama, in one of its recent decisions declared the termination of the so-called policy of «wet/dry foot» which included granting legal status to illegal migrants from Cuba, and Havana is welcomed.