In Chukotka found the baby’s body from the overturned with family boats

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Huff/KP/POOLПерейти in foobarcontroller MOE during search and rescue operations. Archival photoIn Chukotka found the baby’s body from the overturned with family boats© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Huff/KP/POOLПерейти the image Bank

Child’s body found after boat capsizing with family in Chukotka, the search for two more children and two adults continue, informs the regional Glaucus Ministry of emergency situations.

Thursday Island from the village to the village Keperveem Bilibino district came a motor boat, on Board of which were seven people: the parents of four children and the steering. After two kilometers upstream of the river Malyi Anyuy, boat people capsized, mother and daughter managed to swim to shore. In SUS’k reported that the man operating the boat had no rights to control the small boat. A criminal case under article «causing of death on imprudence to two and more persons».

«On the eve of 25 kilometers downstream from the village was discovered the girl had no signs of life and things. The whereabouts of two more children and two adults is not known», — is spoken in the message.

Group to find people from overturned boat strengthened. In search involved 26 people and 11 pieces of equipment. Examined more than 11 square kilometers of water area and 50 kilometres of coastline.