In Penza collapsed wall of the porch of the hostel

© Photo : the city Administration Pantyhise of emergency situations and ensuring fire safety of the city of Penza at an extraordinary meeting. 18 Jun 2017In Penza collapsed wall of the porch of the hostel© Photo : the city Administration of Penza

The collapse of the wall of the emergency entrance of the Dorm building occurred on Sunday in Penza, nobody has suffered, have informed in the city administration.

According to hall, struck the left wing of the first entrance of the house on the street Shock, 35.

«At the time of the incident the first entrance of a house was fully settled in the second entrance there were three families who are currently preparing to move to a maneuverable housing», — stated in the message.

The Commission on emergency situations and ensuring fire safety at an extraordinary meeting on Sunday decided to turn off utilities in the second and third entrances, as well as to fence their territory.

Acting head of administration of Penza Sergey Volkov also instructed to move in maneuverable Fund of the inhabitants of the third entrance. «House of Drums 35, must be (settled) one of the first, when the extension of the program of resettlement of citizens from dilapidated and emergency housing will come into force», — quotes the words of Volkov, the press service of the city hall.

Earlier it was reported that a partial collapse of the masonry walls of the four-storey hostel to the address: street Percussion, building 35, occurred on 18 December 2016. Then the mayor reported that the building in 2015, was recognized as emergency and subject to reconstruction. After the incident, the authorities decided to resettle the inhabitants of the first entrance of the housing of maneuverable Fund.