Iraqi Kurdistan disappointed unproductive partnership with Baghdad

© AP Photo / Khalid MohammedВид Baghdad. Archival photoIraqi Kurdistan disappointed unproductive partnership with Baghdad© AP Photo / Khalid Mohammed

Iraqi Kurdistan in recent years, dissatisfied with the inefficiency of partnerships with the authorities in Baghdad, which prompted him to the decision to secede, said RIA Novosti head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Autonomous region Falah Mustafa.

Kurdistan gained autonomy within Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the adoption in 2005 of the new Constitution. The Kurdish authorities during this time, repeatedly raised the issue of independence. In June they announced that they will hold a referendum on secession from Iraq on September 25. In support of the territorial integrity of Iraq made by the US, Germany, Turkey, Iran and several other countries.

«We wanted a real partnership, but Baghdad rejected him… For 14 years after the liberation of Iraq from the previous regime, we came to the conclusion that you will not be able to be true partners,» said Mustafa.

According to the Minister of autonomy, the representation of Kurds in the government of Iraq remains insufficient, and the Shiite government in Baghdad is «pushed» them and the Sunnis to the sidelines. According to him, in the last three years because of the policies of Baghdad, the region was faced with financial difficulties.

«We want to find an alternative, and this alternative — the referendum on independence for the region to start negotiations (with Baghdad), and to stop this unproductive relationship,» said Kurdish politician. According to him, Erbil (capital of Iraqi Kurdistan) is ready to become a «good neighbor» to Baghdad.