Media: Greenland after the flood were missing four people

© RIA Novosti. Photo Of Ivan Searchengineland. Archival photoMedia: Greenland after the flood were missing four people© RIA Novosti. Photo By Ivan Zakharchenko

At least four people were missing after the earthquake and tsunami on the West coast of Greenland on Saturday evening, according to the website of KNR Radio Greenland.

«At least four people are missing after what happened on the night of the flood», — informs the KNR.

Data on deaths in police is still there. «I can’t confirm that was found dead,» said one of the leaders of the police of Greenland is Bjorn, Tegnér Bai, whose words are cited on the website KNR. According to him, seriously injured two people in seven minor injuries.

An earthquake of magnitude 4.0 occurred in 30 km to the North of the village Nyugatnak, because of the tsunami particularly affected 11 houses in this village and areas in Illorai and Uummannaq. Uummannaq is located almost in the middle of the Western coast of Greenland, 600 km from the Arctic circle.

The most affected village Nyugatnak, home to 101 people, the local authorities have evacuated residents of 78. The police asks the population of the village or their relatives to respond and to report the whereabouts of the other are spelled out on the island to eliminate them as a went on vacation abroad or on a business trip.