Moscow police have suffered in pursuit of a violator

© Photo : AGN «Moscow»the consequences of an accident involving three vehicles on the street NovoslobodskayaMoscow police have suffered in pursuit of a violator© Photo : AGN «Moscow»

Three traffic police officers who got into accident in the center of Moscow, suffered during the persecution of the offender, reported in the capital cupola MIA.

Three cars collided on Sunday night at Novoslobodskaya street. According to the latest data, with six people injured, three of them police officers.

The traffic police about three o’clock in the morning tried to stop the Mercedes driver who flagrantly violate the rules of the road. However, he ignored the demands of the police and tried to escape. The traffic police started chasing the intruder. They several times demanded speakerphone the police to stop. Novoslobodskaya street, and the driver of the Mercedes lost control and collided with a patrol car.

The driver of the Mercedes made several administrative reports, including a waiver of medical clearance and for driving without a license. Also addressed the issue of a Protocol for disobedience to the police. Conducted investigation verification.

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