Moscow to host four matches of the soccer confederations Cup

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Moscow is ready to host matches of the confederations Cup, the first of which will be held in the capital on 18 June, when the stadium «Spartak» in the group stage of the tournament teams will play Cameroon and Chile. In total, Moscow will host four games of the tournament, including the match between Russia and Portugal, as well as the match for third place.

Moscow lost the title of capital of the confederations Cup St. Petersburg

Moscow not to take the status of football matches and competitions in other sports. In 1999, in «Luzhniki» Italian «Parma» with Gianluigi Buffon in goal defeated the French «Marseille» and won the UEFA Cup. Nine years later, in may 2008, the main star of the upcoming confederations Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo was crying at first from sadness and then from happiness during the victorious Champions League final, in which his «Manchester United» in a penalty series has surpassed Chelsea.

Football is only one. In 2016 and 2007, Moscow hosted the world Championships in 2013 in «Luzhniki» took place the world championship on track and field athletics, and in 2005 in the «Olympic» for the victory in the Euroleague beating the strongest teams of the Old world. And this is only the twenty-first century. Do not forget that Moscow, though at that time still Soviet, is the Olympic capital in 1980.

Football infrastructure in Moscow, after all, is growing faster than in any other sport. In recent years, new stadiums have got capital «Spartak» and CSKA, and in 2017-th year will be a test match at Dinamo arena. Perhaps it is the exception to the FIFA stadium in Petrovsky Park of the number of host matches of the 2018 world Cup played a decisive role in delaying the construction. Today it is clear that the Dynamo will not play in the arena before the start of the season-2018/19, although originally, the commissioning was scheduled for 2016.

«Spartacus» used to sold out

Well outdoor in 2014-m year, 45-thousand «Spartak» almost all of last season was filled to overflowing. Sold out stadium in Tushino were not collected mainly because of the unredeemed quota of the guest for the matches of Spartak Moscow fans as «red-whites» regularly filled the arena and witnessed their team’s victory in the national championship.

I want to believe that Chilean fans are fun, bright Cameroonian fans, fans of the Portuguese national team, fans of the Australians and, of course, the Russians will not fail and snap up tickets to the Moscow games. Packed to Spartak brought good luck to the owners. Perhaps, for the Russian team he’ll be a happy stage. To get to the «Spartacus» is very easy in almost any vehicle, and therefore unlikely to football fans from other cities of Russia or from abroad will be lost in the city.

The Russian team played at the stadium «Spartak» five matches. Four of them occurred in the qualifying tournament of Euro-2016: the team shared the points with Moldovans (1:1), lost to the Austrians (0:1), but then defeated the Swedes (1:0) and Montenegrins (2:0), securing a place in the final round of the tournament. The last match in this arena, the team played more than a year ago — March 26, 2016, the Russians defeated the team of Lithuania (3:0) in friendly match.

Moscow is ready for confederations Cup

Ongoing in the capital, a large-scale improvement of the city caused concern in the light of the arrival of a large number of fans. However, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that he expects the arrival in the city only about 70 thousand people while the daily migration to the capital is around a million people.

«We hope that tourists who come, should give the pros the economy through cultural programs, so special discounts, we will hardly provide. They can enjoy all the privileges enjoyed by tourists and residents», — said Sobyanin.

Moscow to host four matches of the soccer confederations Cup© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in photobacteria team Chile soccer hopes that his team will win the KK-2017По to him, Moscow is fully ready to host the confederations Cup, and the city should not have traffic jams. Certification the mayor will be another advantage for Moscow as the centre of leisure of fans who came to the tournament. Attractions in Moscow enough, and a cultural program in the city is more than extensive. Unless someone from Chileans or Australians will be able without shame to return home, saying that did not visit the red square?

Moscow to host four matches of the soccer confederations Cup© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobackpack confederations 2017


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