NASA showed the Martian Valkyrie

© NASA / Clouds AO/Eapcc possible life on MarsNASA showed the Martian Valkyrie© NASA / Clouds AO/SEArch

Experts from the American space Agency and Space center the Lyndon B. Johnson demonstrated the capabilities of a humanoid robot «Valkyrie» (Valkyrie), which in the future I plan to send to Mars. Live testing of new designs were published on the YouTube channel of the Institute IHMC Robotics who created the algorithm to control the machine.

Valkyrie is equipped with about 200 sensors placed on the head, shoulders, stomach and legs. The information derived from them, allows the robot to assess the data to select the most suitable surface for the next step.

«Valkyrie,» is expected to help the first colonists of Mars exploration of the red planet.