On the «equality March» in Kiev, detained six people

© REUTERS / Gleb GaranichПротесты against the holding of the equality March for LGBT rights in Kyiv. 13 Jun 2017On the «equality March» in Kiev, detained six people© REUTERS / Gleb Garanich

Police detained six people who attempted to break the police cordon during the «equality March» of the LGBT community in Kiev, said on Sunday the press service of the National police of Ukraine.

«March of equality» was held on Sunday in Kiev. According to police, in it have taken part about 2,5 thousand persons. The marchers were accompanied by several hundred police officers and soldiers of the National guard, surrounding the column on all sides, as well as a few cars «ambulance». Previously, the website of the TV channel «112 Ukraine» reported about clashes between police and radicals who oppose the March.

«Six people who attempted to break the police cordon, taken to the police station to find out their details and to give a legal qualification of their actions», — stated in the message of the police.

The Deputy Minister on issues temporarily occupied territories, the George Tooke said that among the detainees — Deputy of the nationalist party «all-Ukrainian Association «Freedom». «The police detained the Deputy of «Svoboda», who spoke against the freedom of sexual minorities», Mr. Tuka wrote on Twitter.

The LGBT community have repeatedly carried out actions in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, in which supporters of the extension of the rights of sexual minorities often had conflicts with their opponents. In June 2015 on the «equality March» in Kiev, which was attended by about 300 people, killed 11 police officers and several protesters. On the March in 2016, was beaten by one party.