Radicals blocked the route of the «March of equality» in the center of Kiev

© REUTERS / Gleb GaranichКиевская police block protesters March against the equality of the LGBT community. 18 Jun 2017Radicals blocked the route of the «March of equality» in the center of Kiev© REUTERS / Gleb Garanich

In Kiev, several dozen nationalists Vladimir blocked the street near the University of Taras Shevchenko, to prevent carrying out «March of equality» for the LGBT community, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

As reported in public organization «Kievprayd», which is the organizer of the March, it is going to take part about five thousand persons. Previously, the radicals have declared that will not allow the action. Amnesty International urged the government to ensure safety of the marchers, and the UN has expressed concern over the negative attitude towards LGBT community in Ukraine and hope that the parade will be peaceful.

Some opponents of the «equality March» dressed in camouflage uniforms, some clothes from symbolically Ukrainian nationalist organizations. They chant «Ukraine above all,» «One for all and all for one», «a normal family». They hold posters «to Ban the promotion of homosexuality,» «Love against homosexuality».

The police took no action to unlock the route of the «March of equality».

As a result, the participants had to change the route. They beat the radicals at the Tereschenkivska street and went to the area of Leo Tolstoy, where he completed the March. In the action participated more than two thousand people.

Among the procession was a lot of foreigners from Europe, Canada and the United States, they carried the flags of their countries. The column was Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine Roman Vashchuk and human rights activists from Amnesty International.

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— Nataliya Gumenyuk (@ngumenyuk) 18 Jun 2017

Representatives of the Ukrainian LGBT community has repeatedly carried out actions in Kyiv and other cities, during which supporters of the extension of the rights of sexual minorities often had conflicts with their opponents. In June 2015 on the «equality March» in Kiev, which was attended by about 300 people, the clashes injured 11 police officers and several protesters. In 2016 on the March were beaten by one participant.

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— INTERKAVKAZ-FLORIN (@Interkavkaz) 18 Jun 2017