Russian boxer Kovalev has lost ward by TKO in the battle.

© AP Photo / Mark LennihanРоссийский boxer Sergey KovalevRussian boxer Kovalev has lost ward by TKO in the battle.© AP Photo / Mark Lennihan

Boxer light heavyweight from Russia, a former world champion under versions WBA (Super), IBF and WBO, Sergey Kovalev lost to American Andre ward, reports «R-Sport».

Battle, carrying the status of the rematch, ended in a technical knockout in the eighth round. At stake the match was the championship belt WBA (Super), IBF and WBO in the light heavyweight division.

Russian boxer in the eighth round received a blow below the belt, then the athlete missed another series of blows, then in the course of the fight the referee stepped in, stopped the fight and awarded the TKO victory to the American.

Sergey Kovalev when that was conscious and said he was ready to continue the fight.

Kovalev in 2016 lost in Las Vegas ward and lost his championship belts. The Russian side then expressed its disagreement with the decision of the American judges.