Spain, France and Germany have offered Portugal help in extinguishing fires

© 2017 AFP / Patricia De Melo Mohegan calculation during a fire in the Bar, Coimbra, in Central Portugal. 18 Jun 2017Spain, France and Germany have offered Portugal help in extinguishing fires© AFP 2017 / Patricia De Melo Moreira

Spain, Germany and France have offered to help Portugal in extinguishing a powerful forest fire, the victims of which have become at least 58 people.

The fire, which still fails to take control, raging in the municipality of Pedrogao Grande (Leiria district, a historical region of Estremadura), 200 kilometers from Lisbon. Still active remain four spots. The cause of the fire was struck a tree in lightning. Because of the heat and dry winds, the fire quickly spread through the good array and spread to the settlements located in this mountainous terrain. On site there are about a thousand people, to help the firefighters, the authorities sent military. In the area of the fire closed six highways.

Spain sent to the neighboring country two amphibian Canadair, their help is also offered France – equipment of this country should be sent to Portugal in the near future.

Portugal was also asked to involve the mechanism of EU civil protection. Two aircraft designed to extinguishing forest fires, ready to fly at any time.

Condolences to Portugal in connection with the tragedy expressed by many politicians, including the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of France Emmanuel macron, Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s new king, Felipe VI, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of India Narendra modi and others. The Pope during Sunday mass prayed for the victims in Portugal.

Portugal national team participating in the Confederations Cup in Russia, also expressed condolences to the victims of a powerful forest fire, at the match against Mexico it will be released with black mourning bandages. Before the match will be declared a minute of silence.

The Russian Embassy in Portugal has no information about killed or injured citizens as a result of the fire, the information is checked, Russian diplomats are in contact with the Portuguese authorities, told RIA Novosti the Embassy.

The number of victims of a powerful forest fire in Portugal, according to the latest data, has reached 58 people, and another 54 were injured, some of them are in serious condition. About 30 people were killed when trying to leave the disaster area by car. This is the largest number of victims from forest fires in Portugal over the last decades. Extinguish the fire prevents the high temperature established in the region, and strong wind gusts. Currently in Portugal raging a total of ten fires in fighting involving more than a thousand people.

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