The family of the deceased in Balashikha boy rule out that he could make alcohol

© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian federalassembly the Investigative Committee of Russia. Archive photoThe family of the deceased in Balashikha boy rule out that he could make alcohol© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Family six-year-old boy, who died in an accident in Balashikha, exclude that child on the day of the tragedy could take a drink of liquor, told reporters the Commissioner for human rights in the Moscow region Ekaterina Semenova following the meeting with the parents of the deceased child.

According to the interior Ministry on April 23 in Sochi, local resident, driving a car, was fouled and knocked down six-year-old child died on the spot. By results of examination it was established that «in the blood of the deceased found the concentration of ethanol, which corresponds to strong intoxication». In fact expert opinion on «severe intoxication» of the child criminal case about negligence.

«A child growing up in a normal average family home, no addictions, no parents, nor from their immediate environment… I have not noticed any deviations. He was brought up in good conditions. It is impossible to say that a child instilled some bad habits and qualities,» — said Semyonov.

According to the Ombudsman, the child was not raised in a «heavy atmosphere» he had good contact with his brother. «To assess the situation in the family as prosperous,» said Semenov. She noted that the boy «it was not possible to drink something unlawful, the child was always in sight of loved ones». «We dismissed that at the time the child was suddenly at some period under the influence of any other people who would with him to do something that would give such results and effects,» added the Ombudsman.

«What we learned today with the words family, friends, from the chronology of events, nothing could create such a situation (the adoption of the child of alcohol). However, we’ll see what say the experts,» she said.

The Ombudsman noted that the blood given for examination after the accident, which was allegedly found alcohol, really belongs to this child. «Was carried out a genetic examination of supplies blood directly to the boy. In the case file indicates that the examination confirms that it’s the little boy,» said Semenov. «I think that the exhumation will shed light on one or another side of the issue,» she added.

According to the Ombudsman, the body of the child is such that «we cannot be exactly sure what those ppm, which was specified in the examination connected with vodka or some heavy spirits». «A young child is small enough to ensure that such indicators were in the examination, but I’m not sure that this in principle could occur because the child was under the supervision,» said Semenov. She noted that the case is now in the control of the Prosecutor General.