The head of the British foreign Minister proposed to pursue the concept of «open» Brexit

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in fotobanka the European Union (EU) on the streets of London. Archival photoThe head of the British foreign Minister proposed to pursue the concept of «open» Brexit© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

The head of the British foreign Minister, Boris Johnson proposed to abandon the strategies «hard» or «soft» exit from the EU in favor of the concept of «open» Brexit.

«We intend to hold a soft or hard exit from the European Union and the public — one that would allow the UK to continue to be rotated to the outside world and involved in the global processes more than ever before,» wrote the Minister in a newspaper article in the Sunday Times.

According to Johnson, this approach will allow the United Kingdom to «return to its roots» and become again a global player not only market of goods but also, and primarily, market services, where London remains one of the leaders.

The restoration of border control should not be an obstacle to economic cooperation and personnel exchanges with the outside world and the EU, noted Johnson.

In June 2016, approximately 52% of UK citizens voted in a referendum for the country’s withdrawal from the EU. In late March, Britain announced the launch of the procedure Brexit. It is expected that negotiations with the EU will begin in June after the early parliamentary elections in the UK. Thus, Britain should leave the EU in the spring of 2019.