The Ministry of Finance of Britain called for a new customs agreement with the European Union

© AP Photo / Wong Maye-Filip Hammond. Archival photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/06/119d224e110e41bd839d036a29d6c51a.jpg" alt="The Ministry of Finance of Britain called for a new customs agreement with the European Union” />© AP Photo / Wong Maye-E

The Minister of Finance of great Britain Philip Hammond made for a smooth process of withdrawal from the European Union and the establishment of new agreements with the EU concerning customs settlement.

«When I talk about Brexit, which supports British jobs, investment and the company, I mean Brexit, which eliminates a sharp transition, which ensures that we naturally, gradually move from the customs Union, which are now, by a new agreement in the future, which will ensure the flow of British goods without tariffs, as in fact the fares is a relative small part of the question, without delay and bureaucracy», the Minister said in interview Bi-bi-si.

The UK government previously announced that the country’s withdrawal from the EU will be held at the «hard» option with the release of the single market and the customs Union of the EU. In response to the statements of critics that the refusal of access to the single market catastrophic impact on the country’s economy, Prime Minister Theresa may stated that United Kingdom will conclude with all the interested countries, bilateral trade agreements, and this mode will be more effective.

In June 2016, approximately 52% of UK citizens voted in a referendum for the country’s withdrawal from the EU. In late March, Britain announced the launch of the procedure Brexit. Thus, Britain should leave the EU in the spring of 2019.