The UAE has offered the West to provide control over the Qatar

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate photobacteria in the UAE the city of Abu Dhabi. Archival photoThe UAE has offered the West to provide control over the Qatar© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate the image Bank

The UAE Minister of state for foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash called on Western partners to create a monitoring mechanism that would monitor the implementation of Qatar’s commitment to refrain from financing terrorism, reports the Guardian newspaper.

«We are talking about changing behavior. If we get clear policy signals that Qatar is going to change and to stop funding Islamist militants, it will be the basis for negotiations, but we need the monitoring system», — quotes the edition the statement of Secretary of state, made in London, where he arrived to obtain diplomatic support of the blockade of Qatar.

According to the state Minister, the allies UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain — do not trust Qatar. «We don’t trust them. Confidence is at zero level, but we need a monitoring system, and we want our Western friends took part in it,» said Gargash.

The Minister explained that this mechanism will ensure that Qatar to stop funding terrorism, to deny safe haven to extremists, and to support radical groups, including the «Muslim brotherhood», Hamas and al-Qaida.