«United Russia» will nominate a candidate for election to the state Duma in Bryansk

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in photobacteria Neverov. Archival photo«United Russia» will nominate a candidate for election to the state Duma in Bryansk© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

The party «United Russia» does not intend to nominate its candidate for the by-elections to the state Duma of the Russian Federation for Bryansk single-mandate constituency, but will carefully look for candidates from other parties, said the Secretary of the General Council EP Sergei Neverov.

The Central election Commission of the Russian Federation of 13 June adopted a decision on the by-election after the state Duma has stopped since June 9, the powers of a Deputy of Vladimir Zudenkova on the basis of his written application. Neverov explained that the decision not to nominate for the Bryansk district, the party adopted following consultations with the regional office and the Chairman of the party, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

«Of course, we will closely watch the candidates, which will expose the other political parties and who will participate. Of course, we’re not indifferent», — said Neverov.

He added that «the participation of independent candidates in the elections in any County where they will pass, of course, possible.» «Who samovydvinus, and he will go», — said Neverov in response to the question of whether the party to give some recommendations on voting.

According to Neverov, in the near future he plans to visit Bryansk. «We have already talked about it with the Governor, with our assets in order for them to see our future work in this area,» — said the Secretary of the General Council of the EP.

«We could go the way of conducting purely internal party vote, a candidate could determine the political Council of regional branch of the Bryansk region. However, it would be such a preliminary vote probably doesn’t determine still the will of our citizens, and I can confidently say that it would be a setback, because the candidates we had only three days. And, secondly, the election would occur just over 50 electoral votes,» said Neverov.