Anniversary season Koktebel Jazz Party is waiting for viewers from 18 to 20 August

© press service of Koktebel Jazz PartyЮбилейный season Koktebel Jazz Party is waiting for viewers from 18 to 20 AugustAnniversary season Koktebel Jazz Party is waiting for viewers from 18 to 20 August© press service of Koktebel Jazz Party

. The organizing Committee of the international jazz festival Koktebel Jazz Party, which will be held this year from 18 to 20 August in the village of Koktebel in the Crimea, introduced corporate identity and slogan of the XV anniversary season. This year the motto of the festival «At the same place — the same jazz» repeats a line from a song by composer A. Tsfasman, «king of Soviet jazz» and one of the most brilliant virtuosos of the Soviet popular music. The main motive in the design stages the designers chose constructivism, received a notable development in post-revolutionary Russia of the 20-ies of XX century. Guests of the anniversary season of jazz waiting for some scenes music and art programs from the most prominent jazz musicians of the world and the amazing energy of Koktebel.

: «Anniversary season of jazz takes place in the centenary year of the great Russian revolution, giving new meaning to the annual international unity on the shores of the Black sea. Jazz, born at the crossroads of musical tradition, itself rooted in the idea of revolutionary change and audacity. We look forward to when musicians from all over the world will throw another challenge musical stereotypes in order to unite and inspire tens of thousands of fans.»

Koktebel Jazz Party is an annual international jazz festival, founded in 2003. The festival originated as a private initiative of the founder of the Koktebel jazz journalist Dmitry Kiselev. Small Crimean village gave its name to the festival, today occupy a recognized place in the list of jazz events.

Koktebel Jazz Party is not just a jazz of world level is a real freedom that gives rise to a single vibration of music, sea, body and soul. Organizer of the festival is GK «Red Square».