Archaeologists have uncovered the mystery of human sacrifice in Ancient China

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate in photobacteria wall of ChinaArchaeologists have uncovered the mystery of human sacrifice in Ancient China© RIA Novosti / Alexander Unliterate the image Bank

Archaeologists found that the ancient Chinese for many years «preparing» prisoners for ritual sacrifice, using them as slaves, according to the publication Live Science.

Previously, scientists knew that human sacrifice was actively practiced in the ancient Chinese state of Shang dynasty existed approximately from the sixteenth century to the IX century BC. The Shang dynasty is the oldest in China whose existence is confirmed by archaeologically. The researchers calculated that only one in the state capital – the city Incui – about 200 years to sacrifice more than 13 thousand people, mostly men aged 15 to 35 years.

Experts analyzed the remains found at 2500 sacrificial pits on the ruins of Insul. They confirmed the hypothesis that the ritual was a method omertvlenie exclusively prisoners of war. Moreover, long before the ceremony they were used as slaves.

«In China, the Shang era, there were two types of human sacrifice. They were called «rensheng and renkan,» explains bioarcheology Christine Chung, a specialist at the University of Simon Fraser in Burnaby (Canada).

The rite «renshen,» says Cheung, distinguished by its mass. On average, in a ritual killing 50 people, although scientists were able to detect the grave with 339 victims. The rite «renkan» was more difficult to execute – near killed in a certain order put various ritual objects.

In addition, scientists were able to detect a number of divination inscriptions that used oracles. Basically, they were drawn on tortoise shells, and bovine bones. Them, as noted by Cheung, used to solve a variety of problems – from the ritual treatment of dental pain at the Governor to call a rich harvest.