Astrakhan official, not specified in the Declaration, a foreign car, got fired

© RIA Novosti / Michael Mordasova in photobacteria tax return. Archival photoAstrakhan official, not specified in the Declaration, a foreign car, got fired© RIA Novosti / Michael Mordasova the image Bank

The Deputy chief of management of Rosimushchestvo in the Astrakhan region fired for withholding information about the car in the Declaration on the incomes, reported in the regional Prosecutor’s office.

«The Prosecutor’s office of the Astrakhan region conducted a review of compliance with state civil servants of territorial administration of Rosimushchestvo in the Astrakhan region prohibitions, restrictions and obligations established with the aim of combating corruption. It is established that the Deputy head of management of Nari of Gagaev not performed as provided in article 8.1 of the law «On combating corruption», article 3 of the law «On control over compliance costs of persons holding public office, and other persons to their income» duty to provide information about their costs», — explained in Department.

Add to that Gagaev information presented on the income and expenses withheld information about the car «Toyota Land Cruiser 200». According to the prosecution, the cost of the car exceeded the total income Gagaeva over the last three years. The sources of funds, by which was purchased the machine specified in the Declaration was not.

«By results of consideration of representation of Prosecutor’s office conducted an internal verification and control procedures for expenditures Gagaeva. According to the results of Deputy head of the territorial Department of Russian property Fund in the Astrakhan region of Gagaev released from a replaced post and dismissed from the civil service in connection with loss of trust», — emphasized in Prosecutor’s office.Astrakhan official, not specified in the Declaration, a foreign car, got firedAccusations of crime and punishment Russian officials